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Tråd: Race.Fi from Finland introducing

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    Weekie on Brisk and NGK -10 %

    Even the latest summer cars should now be on the road, and in case testing reveals sputtering, here's some medicine to cure problems at least as far as plugs are concerned.

    On the traditional weekie are Brisk and NGS plugs. All plugs are also plentiful in our own stock. The product descriptions offer more details than this topic including a cross reference chart of heat ratings.

    NGK plugs are often told to be the one and only working plug especially in some turbocharged jap models. Why not, they're good plugs =)

    From Brisk there are several models which are listed in the shop:
    DS / Turbo -models: Especially for E85 and high boost pressure builds where no other plugs simply work.
    LGS quad tip models: For cars with direct ignition plugs. Produces a good and long spark so these are also the most economical version.
    Iridium -models: A traditional Iridium plug which can handle high temperatures are pressures. Easier on the coils and also suitable for mild E85 builds.
    Silver: Competition engines and for hard to ignite fuels.
    VAG -models have their own plug range.

    »» Brisk Iridium plugs
    »» Brisk LGS quad tip plugs
    »» Brisk Silver plugs
    »» Brisk DS plugs
    »» Brisk VAG plugs

    »» NGK Iridium plugs 6 - 9 heat range

    Have a great weekend! Race.Fi / Wille

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    Weekie: D2, Eibach ja control arms -10%

    Let's hit the D2, Eibach and control arms in -10% discount in our weekly offer!

    These three brands are the most popular control arms in our range, so what would be better than put these -10% discount. These arms are fully adjustable and you can adjust the angles of the wheel for sure. Many cars have adjustable control arms as original, but there is usually very limited adjustment range when lowering the car, so you will need control arms which has bigger adjustment range - like these.

    If you need for example coilover or lowering springs with these control arms, we can sell these parts togehter with better price so we suggest to contact our sales. Most popular control arms we keep always in our stock and matter of fact, more is coming within two weeks, so we can sell these with fast shipping in the future as usually.

    Control arms and other suspension parts in our webshop:
    »» control arms
    »» Eibach control arms
    »» D2 control arms
    »» Coilovers
    »» Suspension kits


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    K&N cone filters -10%

    A pretty big shipment of cone filters just arrived, and as we got them for a decent price, lets make your prices a little lower as well: -10 % on K&N cones.

    K&N is the worlds leader in aftermarket filters, and with good reason. They're just so damn good! Our shelves carry 3 and 4" filters in a few different lengths. By keeping a relatively small set of product and focusing on the volume of them, we can buy a ton of them into stock. K&N filters last a lifetime as long as they are washed and oiled from time to time.

    A good product to get alongside a filter is the K&N recharge kit. It inlcudes an aerosol oil which is a lot easier to apply and a lot less messy than using can oil. A strong cleaner is also included, which will definitely take care of getting that filter clean - we even use the cleaner to clean our bbq sometimes

    Check them out here, international shipping 9,90 €
    »» K&N cone filters
    »» K&N recharge kit


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    Weekie: Mishimoto radiators -10%

    Let's put Mishimoto radiators on a -10 % discount for a week!

    Cars radiators take care of cooling of engine coolant, so when there is more power - there is also more heat. Mishimoto radiators are thicker than original radiators, which means there is more surface area to dissipate heat and it can also hold much more water than original.

    Mishimoto radiators keep the engine cool enough even in racing use or just in traffic lights or a traffic jam. Mishimoto radiators are bolt-on type of radiators, so there is no need to fiddle with the installation. For custom applications we also have an extensive size chart, so you can easly find the right radiator for your car and use.

    Mishimoto radiators in our site:
    »» Mishimoto radiators

    Have a great weekend!

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    Weekie: Powerflex polyurethane bushings -10%

    Let's kick the Powerflex polyurethane bushings -10% in our weekly offer!

    Powerflex bushings are great update to replace old rubber bushings from your car, they improve handling and eliminate unwanted suspension flex tremendously.

    Polyurethane bushing are hard enough to stop unwanted changes in wheel angles but still flex enough for a firm and comfy ride. Powerflex polyurethane bushings are the number one choice when you need more stability and durability to driving, but still want to keep the car comfortable in streets.

    Powerflex bushing in our site:
    »» Powerflex bushings

    Have a nice weekend!

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