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Tråd: Race.Fi from Finland introducing

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    Happy new year!

    We wish a splendid new year 2018 to all of you guys and girls! Here's our last weekly offer from 2017 as well.

    This weekend we'll all celebrate the new year 2018. On Monday we're thus closed, but will open our doors normally on Tuesday. Happy new year!

    The last promotion of this year takes us back to the roots and basics of car tuning: K&N air filters. K&N are basically the best filters money - a moderate amount though - can buy.

    On offer are the regular replacement filters which mount in the stock air box, the intake kits which come with an upgraded intake pipe as well, and the cone filters in several different sizes.

    Replacement filters and intake kits are all model-specific, so they're a straight bolt-on performance upgrade.

    »» Race.Fi: K&N replacement air filters
    »» Race.Fi: K&N intake kits
    »» Race.Fi: K&N cone filters
    »» Race.Fi: K&N air filter clean & oil kit
    »» Race.Fi: All K&N air filters

    Other news this week

    A water-methanol injection kit allows considerable boost increases and raises the effective octane rating as much as 20 units. Snow Performance kits were just updated in the shop.

    »» Race.Fi: Snow Performance water injection kits

    A fresh shipment of Quaife ATB differentials for popular cars like BMW and MB just chimed in. All the high-selling units are in stock & ready to ship.

    »» Race.Fi: Quaife re-stock

    All the best for your new year 2018! Race.Fi / Ari, Willem, Jaana and Riku

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    Weekie: Turbosmart wastegates and dump valves -10 %

    Turbosmart products just got a full update, and now's also the time to get a very decently prices top-notch wastegate or dump valve.

    You likely know the Turbosmart as a brand if you're at least somewhat familiar with the tuning and performance scene. They have definitely earned their place on the market, thanks to great products which can be highly depended on.

    The complete Turbosmart range was just updated up to 2018 spec, so here's a great time to put the most important - waste gates and dump valves - on the weekly offer. The shop now also has all spare parts like flanges and diaphragms listed, as well as a complete list of exchange springs for different pressures.
    »» Turbosmart waste gates and their spare parts
    »» Turbosmart dump valves and their spare parts

    Exchange springs and spare parts:
    »» Turbosmart waste gate springs
    »» Turbosmart waste gate spare parts
    »» Turbosmart dump valve springs
    »» Turbosmart dump valve spare parts

    To go with your new shiny Turbosmart, a Holset turbo is also a common choice offering great turbochargers at decent prices. They're available quick & cheap from us =)
    »» Holset turbchargers

    Have a great weekend!
    Race.Fi / Willem

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    Weekly offer: Black Diamond brakes -10 %

    On the weekly offer, no less than quality brakes from Black Diamond @ -10 %!

    Good brakes are a basis for any track car and any loved family members. Throughout the years, Black Diamond brakes have gathered a great track record among customer feedback. Whereas traditional replacement pads squeal and discs get warped before even touching the pedal, BD parts have been praised quite a lot for their good quality.

    The discs are treated with a black, hard surface coating which both prevents corrosion and offers a good base for further treatment as well. The discs are available as drilled, grooved and a combi model which is both drilled and grooved.

    Predator pad brake pads work great on the street and you can use them with any brand of brake discs.

    A constant 10 % discount is offered on full kits (two sets of discs and pads, and a hose set), and now you get the discount for individual parts as well. For full kits, make sure to ask our sales for an even greater offer.

    Without further talks, here you go with the products:
    »» Black Diamond brake discs
    »» Black Diamond brake pads
    »» Black Diamond stainless steel braided brake hoses

    Have a great weekend!
    Race.Fi / Willem

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    Weekie: Mangaflow catalysts -10%

    Lets put the Magnaflow race catalysts in our weekly offer -10% 19.1.2018 - 26.1.2018!

    Magnaflow free flowing catalysts are for all serious exhaust upgrades, when you need a small but very high quality catalyst what will pass the inspection and is small enough to be installed almost any car. We keep Magnaflows always in stock and actually today we ordered 30pcs more.

    This racing catalyzer will pass emission measurements easily. Recently we got a feedback from our customer: With an original cat the emissions were CO% 3,86/3,40 HC ppm 470/250 and after putting the Magnaflow in place, numbers dropped to CO% 0,00/0,01 HC ppm 19/24. You can also find everything you need to mount these, for example exhaust flanges, V-band clamps, U-bolt clamps, exhaust gaskets and wide range of different heatshields in our shop aswell.

    Catalyzers and other exhaust parts in our webshop:
    »» Magnaflow catalyst
    »» Exhaust flanges
    »» V-Band clamps
    »» U-bolt clamps
    »» Exhaust gaskets
    »» Thermo Tec heatshields

    Have a nice weekend!

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    Weekie: Mishimoto radiators & coolers -10%

    Our weekly offer, the Mishimoto radiators & coolers -10%. Now is the best time to upgrade your cooling system for summer!

    Radiators takes care of cooling the coolant and thereby the engine - more power, more heat. Mishimoto radiators are more thicker and with bigger water capacity than original radiators, which means there is more surface area to dissipate heat from the engine. Mishimoto radiators are bolt-on type of radiators, so there is no need to fiddle with the installation, if you don't like. For custom applications we also have an extensive size chart, so you can easly find the right radiator for your car and use.

    An intercooler drops air temperature with flowing cold air through the cooler. A better intercooler like Mishimoto will ensure better cooling so it's also possible to charge more air in to the engine. Mishimoto coolers, especially black ones, have more cooling surface than original, so you can reach the best cooling power even with highest horsepowers.

    Mishimoto radiators & coolers in our webshop:
    »» Mishimoto radiators & coolers

    Have a great weekend!

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    Weekie: Widebands -15€

    Lets kick our most popular widebands in our weekly offer -15€. Wideband is a great additon for any tuned engine, which need more fidelity.

    Innovate, Vems and PLX now in our weekly offer -15€. These three sell high quality widebands for any engine with or without EGT sensor. A wideband is also a very cheap insurance for you engine - it informs any problems before anything bad happens.

    The Vems wideband is a great and cheaper choice when you also need an EGT sensor, of course its possible get the VEMS without the EGT. Innovate is a great choice when you just want a wideband with a traditional and fine look, without any other features than mixtrue ratio. The innovate DLG-1 is the dual wideband version which supports two sensors on one gauge and is a very popular wideband in most V8 engines. Last but not least, the PLX is the state of the art kit with a modern touch screen and the ability to add extra sensors like boost and egt. Recently we also got a fresh huge batch of PLX in our stock.

    These widebands in our webshop:
    »» Vems widebands
    »» PLX DM6 wideband
    »» Innovate MTX-L wideband
    »» Innovate DLG-1 dual wideband


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    Weekie: Davies Craig water pumps -10%

    Lets put the Davies Craig water pumps in -10% discount for a week. Electric water pump is a great choice for any car and use.

    With Davies Craig eletric water pump you can get more trust in the cooling system, its possible to use it with the original pump or use only the electric pump. There is pumps available between 15-150l/min, smallest ones are with plastic body and biggest models with more durable aluminium body.

    You can get water pumps separately or set, which includes the controller. With controller its possible to adjust water flow and even a fan if needed, for example you can adjust the pump to stay on for a certain time after the engine has been switched off. Most common pumps we keep in stock and we order more even twice a week if needed.

    Davies Craig water pumps in our webshop:
    »» Davies Craig eletric water pumps

    Have a great weekend!

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    Weekie: Castrol oils -10%

    Castrols high quality motor oils, there is Castrol oils almost for any engine and use. Most popular oils we keep in stock.

    We just put the Castroil oils in -10% discount in our weekly offer. Castrol makes one of the most popular oils in Earth and why not - price ratiot meets for sure in Castrol oils. Most popular oils are especially Magnatec and Edge series, which we always keep in stock due to large demand in 1 and 4 liter cans. In transmission or differential we recommend Amsoil oils. You can ask an offer for transmisson oils and for oil filters with the Castrol motor oils and we can offer the -10% discount for these as well.

    Castrol and Amsoil oils in our webshop:
    »» Castrol ja Amsoil oils

    A quality oil also needs quality hardware. Our filter selection includes hand picks for some rarer models as well.
    »» K&N oil filters
    »» OEM oil filters

    Have a great weekend!

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    Weekie: Sachs SRE clutches -10%

    We just put the Sachs SRE clutches in -10% discount in our weekly offer. We keep the most popular clutch parts in our warehouse.

    Sachs SRE is made by ZF-sachs's performance branch. SRE clutches are available for most European cars and they offer great torque caps combined with comfortable driveability. The most popular ones like -763, -765 and -707 we have listed as they own because they are most universal clutch parts, its possible to make the clutch from these almost for every car. With the organic clutch disc, Sachs is a very good choice for street car.

    There is also model specific kits available for most car and of course its possible to check the right one with diameter or bore. With our webshop partnumber search its easy to look up prices for any Sachs SRE cluch cover, clutch disc or bearing. We keep the most popular clutch items in our stock and we order more when needed, usually even twice a week.

    Sachs SRE in our webshop:
    »» Sachs SRE clutches

    Have a great weekend!

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