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Tråd: Race.Fi from Finland introducing

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    Weekend offer: STRI gauges -15%

    Now its a excellent opportunity to get gauges with big discount, STRI gauges -15% only for this weekend. 52mm and 60mm precise and fast STRI gauges ensures just the correct number in all conditions.

    STRI makes the best gauges in the market! Stri DSD series has a fast and precise servo which will guarantee a precise reading in racing conditions. STRI DSD series is very popular in track as it runs perfectly and always shows precise numbers. STRI gauges are very quiet, almost mute - automatic calibration on every start make sure that you can always get right numbers, also in the future. Stri gauges are available in different background and led colours or with smoke or clear lens.

    STRI stock focus turned to the 52mm DSD models with a black dial and clear lens as they are the most popular ones. Other STRI gauges we can get quickly from Europe, usually in couple of days.

    Check Stri gauges in our webshop with discounted price:
    »» Race: Stri gauges

    Have a great weekend!

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    Weekie: Kaaz differentials -10%

    Lets put Kaaz differential in -10% discount in our weekly offer. Kaaz LSD differentials are excellent for race use, but also works as a compromiser in a street racing car.

    Kaaz makes high quality differentials for many race and street cars. There is a wide range differentials for most common Japan and German car like Nissan and Volkswagen. For example Kaaz has a differential for VW 02A and 02J transmissions. Kaaz differentials are available with three different ramp angle setups - 1, 1.5 and 2 way. Kaaz differentials are fully serviceable and you can get all mainentance parts from us like friction discs, springs and differential oils.

    Kaaz differentials are good choice especially for drifting, rally and time-attack, thats makes Kaaz manly a race differential, but of course it can be used also in street race car as a compromise which is not a daily driver. Delivery time in Kaaz is usually under a week, sometimes even faster. Kaaz differentials are always supplied with the Kaaz own oils, which guarantee the best possible operation in all driving conditions as well.

    Kaaz differential in our webshop with discount:
    »» Race: Kaaz differentials

    Have a great weekend!

  3. #153
    Weekie: Quaife atb
    We will offer Red Line 75w90/140 NS with differential purchase for a week.

    Quaife differentials with lifetime warranty. Excellent product for slippy roads, for example snow. More grip!
    Works with traction control, and works in street or racing purposes.
    »» Quaife differentials

    Merry Christmas!

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    New Year's offer: Mishimoto products

    Lets put a new offer for a New Year! All Mishimoto products are now in sale including fans, clamps and radiators. Mishimoto product range got a little bigger after we added some model specific cooler and exhaust kits.

    Mishimoto radiators
    Mishimoto radiator is a model specific and high quality manufactured peace of art which is a great for replacing the original radiator. Mishimoto radiator is a much more effective and excellent compromise for any engine - no more cooling problems (not even in traffic lights). Mishimoto has a bigger water capacity and it keeps the coolant nice and cool in every condition, whether it's driven in street or track. If there is not a suitable radiator in the model specific listing, we have made a dimension pdf. where its possible to check the correct one with dimensions. Most popular products are in our own stock.
    »» Race: Mishimoto radiators

    Mishimoto coolers
    Mishimoto cooler keeps the intake air always cool! The cooler the air is, the more air can be confined to te engine - temperature rises without volume increases. When you change the original cooler to the Mishimoto one, air cools much better and faster. You can find a suitable intercooler with dimensions and we have also listed some model specific kits as well. Most common cooler are in our stock.
    »» Race: Mishimoto coolers

    Mishimoto fans
    Mishimoto fans ensures just the correct air flow for any setups. There is many different sizes available, for example 8, 10, 12 and 16" ones. Electric fan is also excellent with the original mechanic fan, for example in traffic jam or some racing conditions. For a bigger cooling needs, we recommend the Race Line series which has enough power to keep even the biggest engine cool. Most popular fan models are in our stock and we order more always when needed.
    »» Race: Mishimoto fans

    Mishimoto exhaust
    Mishimoto has some exhaust available also, especially for newer cars. Kits are model specific and are available for example for Ford and Subaru. Exhaust kit includes the model specific downpipe, flanges, clamps and its possible to choose it with or without a catalyst. Exhaust kits are in Europe stock and delivery time is usually only under a week, so these can be delivered very fast.
    »» Race: Mishimoto exhaust

    Mishimoto hardware
    In addition to the previous ones Mishimoto makes a high quality silicone hoses, catch cans, thermostats and clamps. Big part of installation parts and other hardware can be found directly from our warehouse like silicone hoses and clamps in most sizes.
    »» Race: Mishimoto hardware

    Happy New Year!

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    Weekie: Davies Craig electric water pumps

    Let's put the Davies Craig electric water pumps in -10% discount for the starting year in our weekly offer. Most popular and common water pump models are always in stock.

    With Davies Craig electric water pump you can get more trust in the cooling system, its possible to use it with the original water pump as a booster or use only the electric pump - its your choice! There is pumps available between 15-150l/min, smallest ones are with nylon body and biggest models with more durable aluminium body, which is actually a really great thing in bigger flowing rates.

    Its possible to buy only water pumps separately or as a set which includes the controller. With controller its you can adjust the water flow and even a fan if needed, for example you can adjust the pump to stay on for a certain time after the engine has been switched off. Most common pumps like 115l, 130l and 150l are usually in stock and we order more every time our stock starting to look empty.

    Davies Craig water pumps in our webshop with discount:
    »» Davies Craig electric water pumps

    Have a great weekend!

  6. #156
    Weekie: Magnaflow catalysts

    The super popular Magnaflow race catalyst are now in nice discount on our weekly offer. Most of the Magnaflow catalysts can be found directly from our stock.

    Magnaflow free flowing catalysts are for all serious exhaust upgrades, when you need a small but very high quality catalyst what will pass the inspection easily and is small enough to be installed almost any car, its smaller that 0.5l bottle. Recently we got a feedback from our customer:

    With an original catalysts the emissions were: CO% 3,86/3,40 HC ppm 470/250
    With the Magnaflow, numbers dropped to: CO% 0,00/0,01 HC ppm 19/24.

    We also have everything you need for the installation, for example exhaust flanges, V-band clamps, U-bolt clamps, exhaust gaskets and wide range of different heatshields like Thermo Tec products.

    Catalyzers (with discount) and other exhaust parts in our webshop:
    »» Magnaflow catalyst
    »» Exhaust flanges
    »» Exhaust gaskets
    »» V-Band clamps
    »» U-bolt clamps
    »» Thermo Tec heatshields

    Have a nice weekend!

  7. #157
    Weekend offer: Eibach spacers

    Lets put the famous Eibach spring manufacturers spacers on discount in our weekend offer! Widening the track makes the car more stable and give much better look. Some of the spacers are in our stock.

    Its possible to look spacers by car model or with wheel specs, so basically if you know what car you are driving, then its easy to find the spacers as well. If the car is not known or it is not on the list for some reason, they can also be searched by bolt pattern, width or center bore and of course its possible to ask our sales for example by email. Spacers are priced as a pair and most of the thickest spacers comes with new bolts/nuts (depends which ones car uses). Of course it makes sense to buy new bolts/nuts for all new spacers, but for some models they are listed separately. You will find all bolts, nuts and studs from our webshop.

    Aluminium spacers are also much lighter than steel spacers, but they has the same durability anyway. Some of the spacer models are in our or in our suppliers stock and we always try to keep the delivery times fast as possible.

    Eibach spacers in our webshop with discount:
    »» Eibach spacers

    Eibach bolts, studs and nuts for spacers from here:
    »» Eibach studs
    »» Eibach bolts
    »» Eibach nuts

    Have a great weekend!

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    The webshop just got a major update, where all product images are now marked as specific or general images for each product.

    Late 2018, you guys had a chance to answer a quick survey, where we asked how we could improve our webshop. After all, there's no point in just thinking about these things by our selves.

    There were many new ideas (thanks guys!), and one of them rose above the others: model specific images. Or to be precise, information on whether the image is specific, or general. Well, we got on with it =)

    We have some 14559 images in the database, which is quite a lot of imagery to tag. Of course some of the work was doable by some database mass querying, but nonetheless, there still were quite a few images for Ari to tag or leave untagged by hand. The server also needed some work, starting from the checkbox which is used to tell it whether a certain image is specific for a product.

    This week we got things done, and the update is ready and live in the shop.

    Specific images are very useful for product like these, which were just added yesterday by the way:
    »» FSE fuel rail adapters

    These are a direct fit on the stock fuel rail, allowing you to install any aftermarket fuel pressure regulator in line with it. Needless to say, a specific image of the adapter is a very welcome addition.

    We do have products which benefit less of the update. Consider spark plugs, where the only difference is the heat rating
    »» NGK iridium spark plugs

    So, this is it for this week guys and girls! Please do send us ideas and feedback in the future as well!

    Have a great weekend!
    Race.Fi / Willem

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    Weekend offer: Widebands -10€

    Lets put VEMS and PLX widebands in our this weekend offer. Both are cheap insurances to the engine and for example you can get VEMS with EGT, which will show up to the same screen with the AFR.

    Today in offer: PLX and VEMS! VEMS + EGT is a excellent wideband for many cars, which has been especially favorite for turbo engines when you will see the exhaust temp from the same screen. We recommend VEMS to any highly tuned turbo car.

    The PLX wideband represents a slightly modern package with a touch screen and it also has been one of the best selling wideband a long time. Both of these widebands are also a cheap insurance for the engine when you see it right away if something is wrong - not after something breakes down.

    Widebands in webshop with discounted prices:
    »» PLX widebands
    »» VEMS widebands

    Have a great weekend!

  10. #160
    Product descriptions updated and improved on several products

    This week, we've updated a lot of product descriptions, especially for all the most selling products. These have been updated especially because we want that the information is clear and important information can be found easily.

    As said, this week's job has been to refresh the product descriptions of the most popular products and at the same time the description "look" is more clear than before. As a further upgrade, the small image on the product description can now be clicked bigger into a new tab if desired.

    For example, description on the Eibach lowering springs (Pro-kit and Sportline) have been updated with remarks and other important information that we have been asked about during the time. Feedback what we have got from out customers, also shows in our description updates with more information and details.

    Updated product information can be found for example from these products:
    »» Eibach Pro-kit lowering springs
    »» Eibach Sportline lowering springs

    Have a great weekend!

  11. #161
    Weekend offer: Holset HX35 turbochargers

    Lets put high quality and popular Holset HX35 turbochargers in sale. More specifically we put the HX35 12cm2 and HX35 Super 8cm2 (oil/water cooled) models in discount.

    We just put a discount on Holset HX35 turbochargers and more specifically HX35 12cm2 and HX35 Super 8cm2 models. The Holset HX35 Super 8cm2 "wakes up" comfortably from lower rounds and can be always twisted to the end. The 8cm2 housing fits nicely to 1.6 - 2.0l engines and for larger assemblies we recommend the HX35 12cm2, which is suitable even a little bit larger engine.

    Holset superchargers are available in both: Water and oil cooled models (HX35 Super), both have their own advantages: Oil may be a bit easier to install, but water usually provides a slightly more efficient cooling. Holset turbochargers are always shipped with a model specific gasket kit, which means you don't need to buy them separately, unless the purpose is to grab a few pieces for the future. For more information and assistance in selecting turbochargers, please contact us by e-mail or phone. Most popular turbochargers can be found directly from our stock.

    Turbochargers with discount in our webshop:
    »» Holset HX35 8cm2 super
    »» Holset HX35 12cm2

    Have a great weekend!

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