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Tråd: Race.Fi from Finland introducing

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    Weekie: Castrol or Red Line oils free with all Quaife ATB purchases

    Best oil for the best street diff? Deal!

    Quaife, Red Line and Castrol are brands that dont really need introductions. A wonderful ATB with quality oil is a definite choice for winter.

    Well the black friday then...
    1.) 5 % additional discount on all webshop products.
    2.) In our shop, all products on wholesale discounts.
    3.) All D2 stock kits -100 €: D2 suspension kits
    To be clear: Promos can not be combined. The D2 -100€ stock discount on it's own is over 10 % for example.

    Other news this week

    D2 coilover listings were completely updated according to the factory's 2017 listing.

    »» D2 coilover listing updated

    Clutch sales have come a long way, and we're constantly relisting products & experimenting new ways to browse products.

    »» Clutch listings

    Still a few days left on the cibie LED add-on beam promotion.

    »» Cibie led add-on light promotion

    Have a great weekend!
    - Race.Fi / Wille

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    Weekly: Cusco differentials -10%

    Cusco makes one of the best differentials for track use!

    Cusco list two main types, MZ and RS diffs. There are also three different ramp angles available, 1 way, 1.5 way and 2 way. Ramp angles means the locking direction of differential and needs to be selected according to usage, for example different track uses.

    MZ models are recommended for only the track, because the lock has a small preload even without any torque - so its very loud at the street use. RS models are mainly for track use, but this can also be a compromise for sreetracer, because it does not have so much preloud.

    »» Race: Cusco differentials.

    Other news this week

    We sell PLX and Vems the most!

    »» Race: PLX and Vems

    We sell Quaife a lot more since we updated the Quaifes for Mercedes few days ago!

    »» Race: Quaife differentials

    Now we have all D2 air suspension in our webshop!

    »» Race: D2 Air suspenion kits

    We have lots of different turbos for almost every car!

    »» Race: Holset and Garrett turbochargers

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    K&N is the best air filter you can use in your car - in practice, it's eternal, now K&N is also in our weekly offer -20%!

    K&N air filter is one of the best modifications on your daily driver, it allow more air to engine - that means more power and lower fuel consumption, because engine doesn't have to work so hard to get the air. K&N filters practically lasts forever, assuming that you clean it occasionally. Simply = when the normal "paper" filter is dirty and ready for a change, K&N only needs a little wash - you can get the K&N Recharger kit separately.

    There is also K&N oil filters, which has been a very popular item in race cars - almost every K&n has a nut in top of the oil filter, so it can be easily removed from the engine with wrench.

    Check the K&N in our webshop:
    »» Race: K&N filters

    Eibach offer continues

    We will continue Eibach -20% offer in christmas special until 23.12.2016. Eibach has wide range of suspension parts, for example lowering sprigs and coilover sets.
    »» Race: Eibach -20%

    Outlet list updated
    Ari did go through our outlet list yesterday, there is now a few new products to buy and its updated. Check the outlet list in our webshop!
    »» Race: Outlet list

    Other news this week

    We did a little writing from our motor parts!

    »» Motor parts in our webshop

    Kenwood has a wide range of high quality players for cars or even for boats.

    »» Kenwood players

    Mishimoto is much better than original radiator, even in traffic lights!

    »» Mishimoto radiators

    Have a nice weekend! Race.Fi / Riku

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    Shipping prices to Baltic and Nordic countries from 9,90 €

    We now ship packages up to 20kg for a flat 9,90 € rate to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden and Denmark by a regular postal package. Delivery time 2~4 days depending on your location.
    Orders over 400,00 € are shipped free of charge.
    The prices will shortly be implemented in the webshop, and currently we update the costs to 9,90 € accordingly.

    »» [u]More info about shipping & payment with us

    Weekie: Mishimoto radiators -10 %

    Lets continue the Mishimoto promo with the Mishimoto performance radiators.

    Radiators are not the first thing on our mind in winter, but are definitely a thing worth taking care of before summer comes. A third of the energy of burning fuel is transformed to heat, which means that doubling HP will also double the heat load of an engine.
    We also carry electric radiator fans and model-specific radiator hose kits for several models to ease the installation.

    »» Mishimoto aluminum radiators.

    Precision picks for the colder season are

    Red Line Water Wetter and Amsoil Dominator Coolant Boost because they increase heater efficiency for hotter cabin air.
    Especially newer cars are tuned for such economy, that heating is sometimes a problem in colder conditions. Red Line and Amsoil additives soften coolant fluid increasin cooling. Having a more efficient cooling effect on the interior heater core directly means hotter air.
    Mind the color, these additives are compatible with all colors of coolants.

    »» [u]Red Line Water Wetter 12,75 € (regular. 21,20 €), in stock, discontinuing product
    »» [u]Amsoil Dominator Coolant Boost 20,00 €, in stock

    Other topics this week

    Our stock is quite large ranging from differentials to air filters. Here's a topic about the latter.

    »» K&N stock selection

    »» KIWI3 Obd2 bluetooth adapter now available

    Our selection of exhaust DIY parts is increasing, and there are also some rarer items available.

    »» Exhaust DIY parts

    »» Building a racer? Dont forget Wisefabs!

    Have a great weekend! Race.Fi / Willem

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    January's final weekie: Sachs SRE cluches -10 %

    The SRE catalogs just got an update on monday, so they are a natural candidate for the weekie as well.

    Our clutch sales #1 is Sachs SRE. Covers and discs are also available separately so a complete kit is not always the only way if you already have a disc or cover you want to use. Custom transmission - flywheels combinations are also easy to solve when parts are available separately.

    Discs specs as well as cover torque ratings are available on the product page.

    Orders over 400 € are shipped free of charge to the EU, so a kit practically always shipped for free.
    Smallers orders are shipped at 9,90 €to most close-by countries.

    We also carry and stock the Sachs SRE 763, 765, 707, 785 and 645 covers at special rates as they are very common on some single mass conversion kits and other performance upgrades.

    »» Sachs SRE clutches.

    Other topics this week

    We got a 200 kg load of our dump valves, filter relocation kits, oil coolers, fuel pressure regulators and other goodies. Check the product details and prices here:

    »» Race.Fi products restocked

    OBP mainly makes pedalboxes and handbrakes. The list got an overhaul, so check out these decently priced brake parts.

    »» OBP hydraulic handbrakes

    Sachs SRE new listings were updated on monday. Check out the topic of listing updates here if you like =)

    »» News Sachs SRE listing

    Have a great weekend! Race.Fi / Willem

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    Weekly offer: All Powerflex bushes -10 %

    Since suspension sets are this weeks thing, we decided to up the bets a bit with an offer on Powerflex bushes to definitely make good offers!

    Powerflex polybushes are relatively easy to update when changing other suspension parts like coilovers. Good bushes ensure a smooth and balanced ride when all aspects are up to date. Powerflex bushes are available in street versions, and race versions which are very hard and only recommened for track-only cars.
    Polybushes offer an undebated benefit: They replace worn rubber bushings with relatively the same price, still insulate noise and last as long, or even longer than rubber bushes.

    Check out the bushes here. You can use the dropdowns to select your car to show only the bushes you need.
    »» Powerflex puslat.

    MOther news this week

    We wrote about why you should get a kit instead of just springs or coilovers. Here are some example prices for popular models.

    »» Suspension kits

    Amsoil is coming strong on the market for performance oils and is on a -20 % initial offer promo until sunday.

    »» Amsoil oils on offer -20 %

    We ship all orders under 400€ at 9,90€ to Estonia, Sweden and most nearby countries. Orders over 400€ free of charge to the EU.

    Have a great weekend! Race.Fi / Wille

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    Weekie: NGK and Brisk plugs -10 %

    Misfires and backfires are easily cured with some quality spark plugs. NGK and Brisk plugs are on a -10 % promo 17. - 24.2.2017.

    Briskin plugs are available as iridium, lgs triple tip, turbo and silver models.
    Iridiums are ideal for turbo engines, lgs for direct ignition stock boost engines and silver or turbo for demanding applications like E85 or very high boost levels.

    NGK plugs are also avilable as Iridium models for some selected, mainly jap applications as they are "the only working plug" on some applications.

    Both plug brands are on promo -10 % for the next seven days:
    »» Race: Spark plugs.

    9,90 € shipping and card payments in the wehshop
    Our webshop now has 9,90 € shipping for Estonia, Sweden, Lithuania and Latvia. Several other European countries now have a flat rate from 9,90 to 16,90 € including tax.

    Credit card payments are now also accepted via paytrail. Mastercard, Visa, Amex and Visa Electron all work for a hassle-free and safe checkout!

    Other news this week

    A lot of KW and H&R suspensions were added to our webshop this week. Check out what we listed here:

    »» KW and H&R kits added to the shop

    Lots of PLX gauges came into stock. We also have all the Vems and Innovate models in stock.

    »» PLX additions

    Have a great weekend! Race.Fi / Ari

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    Turbo-offer: Holset tubochargers -10 %

    If you've been wondering and pondering about a Hoslet turbocharger, this is the time to get one!

    On our weekly offer this week are all Holset turbochargers with a discount of 10 %. Ranging from the HX35 to HX55 there's a turbo for everyone from small 4-bangers to big V8 engines.
    All Holset turbochargers (actually all orders over 400€) are shipped free of charge in the Eu.

    Check out the models and order from the webshop:
    »» Race: Holset turbochargers.

    Other news this week

    Finding the correct oil is always a small adventure. We listed all Castrol oils one page where you can simply select the viscosity and spec.

    »» Castrol oils listed

    Turbosmart products are both stocked a lot, and offer great and reliable solutions for boost control, wastegates and dump valves.

    »» Turbosmart products

    Have a great weekend! Race.Fi / Ari

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    Garrett turbochargers -10 % the next 7 days

    Turbospring screams for turbo offers, so here we go with Garrett turbochargers - 10 %.

    T28 and T30 models are listed and available in several trims and combinations offering bolt-on upgrades for many models. If you're not sure which model to take, you can always ask our sales for a little advice.

    Check out the turbos here
    »» Race: Garrett turbochargers.

    And direct links to products:
    »» Garrett GT3071R.
    »» Garrett GT2871R.
    »» Garrett GT2860R.

    Other news this week

    There are lots of different suspension sets available. Here are five good reasons to get a D2 coilover kit.
    »» Five (six) good reasons to get a D2 coilover kit

    Clutches clutches clutches. It's better to make sure your car has a clutch which is up to date than find it out the hard way in mid summer. Check out the current clutch lineup.

    »» Sachs SRE, Xtreme Clutch, Black Diamond and Clutch Masters clutches

    Have a great weekend! Race.Fi / Ari

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    Bilstein B12 Pro-Kit and Sportline suspension kits -10 %

    The best fixed-lowering kit is on promo this week. Eibach B12 bits combine Bilstein B8 shocks with Eibach Pro-Kit or sportline springs.

    One way to see whether a product is good is to check whether customer buy it again. Eibach B12 kits are just like this. Many customers get a kit for their new car as well which tells us only one thing: people are very happy with their B12 kits.

    B12 kits come in two versions:

    B12 Pro-Kit
    » Bilstein B8 shocks.
    » Eibach Pro-Kit springs.
    » Lowering approximately 35 - 25mm.

    B12 Sportline
    » Bilstein B8 iskunvaimentimet.
    » Eibach Sportline springs.
    » Lowering approximately 50 - 30mm.

    The springs are Eibachs lowering springs which are probably known to everyone. Bilstein B8 shocks are specially designed for use with a spring kit: they are about 30 mm shorter and have a slightly firmer damping meaning they dont bottom and work very well with a lowering kit. The kits also include dustboots and bump stops.

    Check out the kits here:
    »» Race: Bilstein B12 Pro-Kit suspension kits.
    »» Race: Bilstein B12 Sportline suspension kits.

    Other news this week

    We went through the inventory again, and the clearance section is now updated. There are lots of items which for some reason didnt go sell as planned. Now we're giving them a slight nodge to make room for new stock.

    »» Race: Clearance items

    Have a great weekend! Race.Fi / Willem

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    Black Diamond brakes on weekly offer -10%

    Winter tires off, summer tires on. Now's the time to get brakes to put on while you're at it!

    Black Diamond brake discs are phosphated black, which in addition to looks gives a good protection against corrosion and an excellent base for paints in case painting for extra protection is what you'd like to do.

    Discs are available as drilled, grooved or combi which is both drilled and grooved. Drilling is mosltly for looks on street cars. Grooving is effective in keeping the pad surface clean and ensures proper braking in wet conditions as well.

    Black Diamond also makes brake pads and brake hoses. All products are made in England to very high standards.

    All BD brake parts are listed here:
    »» Race: Black Diamond brake parts.

    And direct links to the products:
    »» Black Diamond brake discs.
    »» Black Diamond brake pads.
    »» Black Diamond brake hoses.

    Other news this week

    Eibach, D2, Kw, H&R, Powerflex, Energy Suspensions, Bilstein, KYB, Koni, ST-Suspension and many other quality brands are available from Race.

    »» Springs, Coilovers, Suspension kits, Bushings or Spacers. You name it - we've got it!

    Mishimoto radiators ensure a cooler summer for your car. In an Evo 6, temperatures drop 3C by simply changing to a Mishimoto radiator.

    »» Mishimoton radiators!

    Have a great weekend! Race.Fi / Willem

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    D2 big brake kits -100 € on weekly!

    Stopping is guaranteed when a D2 big brake kits is bolted on your car!

    D2 big brake kits are model specific bolt-on products, and are available from compact 286 mm / 15" rim kits to huge over 400 mm discs. The most popular and smart kits are the 304, 330 and 356 mm kits which respectively fit 16, 17 and 18" wheels.

    Weekly offer prices start from 1009,00 € for front kits, and 1248,00 € for rear kits. These are also shipped free of course!

    The kits include discs, pads, calipers, brake lines and caliper adapters along with fitting bolts. Rear brake kits have a detail on the list about the hand brake. Most models have either a drum, caliper or electrical handbrake solution.

    Order your own kits here:
    »» Race.Fi: D2 front big brake kits.
    »» Race.Fi: D2 rear big brake kits.

    Other news this week

    A suspension is more than just coilovers or springs!

    »» This topic on our websites

    Its time for spacers
    »» This topic on our websites

    Have a great weekend! Race.Fi / Willem

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    D2 air suspension kits -100 € 31.3. - 7.3.2017

    Low 'n comfy best describes air suspensions, so lets put some more low and comfortable cars on the road with this promo!

    D2 air suspension kits are made with the same quality parts as D2 coilovers with the expection of replacing the spring with an air bag. All air suspension kits are bolt-on and allow basic height adjustment with the lower mount. McPherson models also have a camber adjustable top mount just like D2 coilovers.

    There are four different D2 kits: Basic, Deluxe, Superpro and Gold.

    All kits come with complete struts & bags, compressor and tank as well as adjustment panels.

    Kit differences are explained on our site more thoroughly, but here you are with the basics:
    Basic kits are manually adjustable no-hassle kits.
    Deluxen comes with a 2-circuit solenoid adjustment.
    Superpron comes with a 4-circuit / 4-wheel independent electronic adjustment.
    Goldin comes with automatic leveling.

    All kits are shipped free of charge to most of EU and you can pay by paypal, credit cards and SEPA bank transfers.

    Comfy isnt expensive anymore, check out the kits here
    »» D2 air suspension kits

    Race.Fi moved to the secure SSL age
    Race.Fi moved to a secure SSL connection on tuesday. What it means is that sniffing around on your browsing on is virtually impossible. SSL Labs rank our site in the best A+ category for connection security.

    All old links still work, and are automatically redirected to the corresponding secure pages.

    Have a great weekend! Race.Fi / Willem

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    RVS treatments on promo -10 % 7. - 14.4.2017

    RVS treatments are on promo for the next seven days thanks to a big stock order we just received!

    A big shipment of RVS treatments just arrived today so this is a good day to put these on promo as well. RVS treatments are a proven way to restore some older engines and transmissions to their original compression specs and tolerances. If you're not familiar with these, ask your friend who is or check out our website for some more info!

    Without longer talks, here you go:
    »» RVS treatments

    Have a great weekend Race.Fi / Willem

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    Wideband fuel gauges on weekly -10 € 13. - 21.4.2017

    There are plenty of widebands in stock, so they're this easter's promo as well!

    You'll find PLX, Vems and Innovate gauges readily from our shop, starting with 9,90 € international shipping. For you V-engine guys we also have the Innovate DLG-1 dual gauge.

    »» Vems widebands
    »» PLX widebands
    »» Innovate MTX-L widebands
    »» Innovate DLG-1 dual widebands

    Have a great weekend! Race.Fi / Willem

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    K&N air filters and intake kits on weekly -10 % 21. - 28.4.2017

    Having the suspension season on full blow, lets spice up the soup with an intake offer. In a spring service, your good-off changing the air filter in addition to the usual oils and spark plugs - and not any air filter: a Quality K&N one!

    K&N's range covers your needs from regular panel filters to intake kits and cone filters up to diameters of 6 inches. The panel filter is easily replaced in literally a few minutes and guarantees a restrictionless airflow to the engine. An intake kit offers cooler air and ensures there is enough flow for tuned cars as well.

    »» K&N replacement air filters
    »» K&N cone filters
    »» K&N intake kits
    »» All K&N filters

    Have a good weekend! Race.Fi / Ari

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    Race.Fi short shifters -10 % 28.4. - 5.5.2017

    Short shifters have been the word of the week as new models came in to stock. New models are available for the BMW E90 series for example, and they are being test *****d at the moment so we know that what we sell works. The rest of the models however are on promo for the next 7 days.

    If you're not interested in a career of a bus driver, a short shifter is the way to go so theatrical full-arm shifts are reduced to a comfy wrist action shift.

    Shifters are available for euro- and jap models, and there are several hundred boxes straight in our own stock. Normally priced 49€, these are now on offer at 44,10€. While you're at it, you could also do an RVS treatment and change some fresh tranny oils to ease shifts.

    Check out the shifters and other products here:
    »» Race.Fi short shifters
    »» RVS treatments
    »» Race.Fi oil selection

    New products this week

    Mishimoto oil catch cans are not just any can: they can be opened without any tools and have an internal baffle plate and filter which means they keep the intake system clean of oil mist resulting in a cleaner burn.

    »» Mishimoto oil catch cans

    ACL oil pumps are a firm choice like ACL's bearings. The pumps are available in stock ratings and high performance models which offer more flow.

    »» ACL oil pumps

    Have a great mayday! Race.Fi / Riku

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    Black Diamond brakes on promo -10 % 5. - 12.5.2017

    Shaking when braking? Rusted looks? Not braking properly? Here's something to fix that!

    Black phosphated Black Diamond brakes are available with drilled, grooved or both drilled and grooved combi discs, where the grooved version is the most sold model as a grooved disc keeps the pads clean and squealfree in wet conditions as well.

    BD pads are very well suited for street and track day driving thanks to their low-dust street compound.

    To finish up your brakes, braided hoses increase pedal feel compared to spongy rubber hoses.

    All brake parts are listed here:
    »» Race: brake parts

    And a direct link to products is found here:
    »» Black Diamond discs
    »» Black Diamond pads
    »» Black Diamond braided hoses

    Have a great weekend! Race.Fi / Riku

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    Suspensions on may-offer!

    Until may 31st, all Eibach products are on a 10% discount!

    Height is now not a price issues, as offroad capabilities are easily removed with Eibach springs, or if you're after adjustability, with D2 coilovers.

    All Eibach products are on a 10% discount until may 31st, and D2 kits now are decently priced in any case. All the kits we sell are street legal.

    Orders over 400€ are hsipped free of charge in the Eu by the way.

    Eibach products
    Eibach B12 kits combine Eibach springs with Bilstein B8 absorbers.
    »» Eibach B12 Pro-Kit suspension kits
    »» Eibach B12 Sportline suspension kits

    Springs are available in four flavours: two oing down and two lifting a car upwards.
    »» Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs
    »» Eibach Sportline lowering springs
    »» Eibach Pro-Lift cargo lifting springs
    »» Eibach Cargo lifting / heavyweight springs

    For wheels, Eibach has Spacers and quite a lot of fastening hardware.
    »» Eibach Pro-Spacer spacers
    »» Eibach wheel studs
    »» Eibach wheel bolts
    »» Eibach wheel nuts

    For tuning coilovers, ERS springs are the way to with an unbelievable selection.
    »» Eibach ERS coilover springs

    Swaybars control roll while maintaining stoftness in the suspension.
    »» Eibach Anti-Roll-Kit antiroll bars

    For tuning new cars with electronically adjustable suspension, Eibach came up with the Pro-Tronic kits.
    »» Eibach Pro-Tronic electronic suspension controllers

    For adjustability - coilovers of course.
    »» Eibach Pro-Street-S coilovers


    First things first. Coilovers.
    »» D2 coilover suspension kits

    For a comfy & low ride got with an air kit.
    »» D2 air suspension kits

    Coilover springs, helper springs as well as adjustable endlinks and control arms.
    »» D2 adjustable endlinks
    »» D2 adjustable control arms
    »» D2 coilover springs
    »» D2 coilover helper springs

    A flexible damping adjustment nut makes life a lot easier.
    »» D2 flexible damping adjustment key

    To guarantee stopping, D2 brake kits are available up to diameters over 400mm, where obviously the 330 and 356mm kits are the most popular ones.
    »» D2 front brake kits
    »» D2 rear brake kits
    »» D2 big brake kit brake pads

    Additionally we have KW, H&R, Weitec, Cusco and Bilstein coilovers. Lowering springs are also available from KW, H&R and Weitec. Suspension kits from Bilstein, H&R and Weitec as well. Chek these out =)

    What tells us apart from other shops is that we also sell those near-to-0-margin parts also known as spare parts for these kits. Spare parts to all our brands are available from our sales, assuming they are still manufactured.

    If you didnt come across these, give them a read as well.
    »» Race: Overview of suspension parts selection
    »» Race: D2 8-year use case
    »» Race: Five (six) good reasons to get a D2 coilover kit

    Have a great weekend! Race.Fi / Wille

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    Viikkotarjous: Sachs SRE tuotteet -10 %

    Sachs kytkimiä on mennyt kevään mittaan aika mukavasti, niin sipastaan nyt viikoksi eteenpäin -10% koko Sachsin valikoimasta.

    Sachs SRE eli Sachs Race Engineering -linjasto on samaa Saksalaista merkkiä kun tarvike Sachsit, mutta tehty nimenomaan viritys- ja kilpakäyttöön. Valikoima kattaa käytännössä kaikki Eurooppalaiset ja Aasialaiset autot niin massa- kuin sintterisarjojenkin osalta. Sachsin SRE mallisto on fiksu myös siitä että se ilmoittaa kaikille kytkimille väännönkestot suoraan, niin niitä ei tarvitse lähteä arpomaan vaan nämä tiedot löytyvät tietenkin suoraan Sachsin tuoteselosteesta verkkokaupasta. Suosituimmat Sachs SRE kamat pidetään aina hyllyssä ja nyt tulevallakin viikolla luvassa on täydennystä varastoon asetelmien merkeissä.

    Kaikki Sachs SRE tuotteet löytyvät tuosta:
    »» Sachs SRE kytkimet

    Ja suosituimmat viritysasetelmat:
    »» Sachs SRE 763, 765, 707, 645 ja 785 paineasetelmat

    Muut tämän viikon kirjoitukset

    Varastossa paljon osatarpeita edulliseen hintaan. Öljynsuodattimen siirtosarjat, Dumppeja, kaasuläppiä, vaihdevälinlyhentimiä ja paljon muuta!

    »» Runsaasti Race.Fi tuotteita varastossa

    Varastoon pamahti iso kasa Magnaflown keraamisia ja jalometallisia katalysaattoreita nopealle toimitukselle tai noudolle myymälästä.

    »» Reilusti Magnaflow katalysaattoreita hyllyssä

    Mukavaa viikonloppua! / Riku

    »» Kirjoitus sivuillamme

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    Davies Craig electric water pumps -10 % on weekly

    Polar bears have finally disappeared from the Helsinki streets, so we're pretty sure summer has finally arrived. Lets put the Davies Craig electric water pumps on promo this time!

    An electric water pump can be installed as a booster in-line with the original pump, or more commonly as a full replacement by either removing the belt & emptying the original pump or installing a block-off plate.

    The definite benefit of an electric pump is it's set rate of flow, meaning the pumped amount is just correct from idle rpm to redline conditions. A traditional pump will spin way more than needed in cars which frequently see high rpm's.

    A separate controller is also available. The controller has a temp sensor and runs the pump at the needed speeds ensuring a quick reach to operating temperatures and avoiding so-called overcooling.

    Checkout the DC pumps here:
    »» Davies Craig electric water pumps

    »» All cooling parts in our webshop

    Have a great weekend! Race.Fi / Wille

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    D2 air suspension kits -100 € 16.6. - 23.6.2017

    Low 'n comfy best describes air suspensions, so lets put some more low and comfortable cars on the road with this promo!

    D2 air suspension kits are made with the same quality parts as D2 coilovers with the expection of replacing the spring with an air bag. All air suspension kits are bolt-on and allow basic height adjustment with the lower mount. McPherson models also have a camber adjustable top mount just like D2 coilovers.

    There are four different D2 kits: Basic, Deluxe, Superpro and Gold.

    All kits come with complete struts & bags, compressor and tank as well as adjustment panels.

    Kit differences are explained on our site more thoroughly, but here you are with the basics:
    Basic kits are manually adjustable no-hassle kits.
    Deluxen comes with a 2-circuit solenoid adjustment.
    Superpron comes with a 4-circuit / 4-wheel independent electronic adjustment.
    Goldin comes with automatic leveling.

    All kits are shipped free of charge to most of EU and you can pay by paypal, credit cards and SEPA bank transfers.

    Comfy isnt expensive anymore, check out the kits here
    »» D2 air suspension kits

    In midsummer next friday 23.6.2017 we are closed.

    Have a great weekend! Race.Fi / Riku

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    Midsummer eve's weekie!

    There's no point in braking midsummer eve parties, instead braking a car properly is very important

    We've been doing a lot of field testing with the D2 big brake kits in our own cars. The kits, bolted to our S13 for nearly 10 years, still run the original pads and discs, while the car has seen some street driving as well as some track days. More serious track would naturally need harder track pads, but for all-round street the stock setup is great.
    There's been no need for opening or cleaning the calipers, allthough the need for it also depends on the driving conditions, and doesnt really hurt to do anyways. Having clean calipers ensures pad and disc wear is even.

    The handbrake works on most models. Cars with an oe drum parking brake (like the S13), simply come with a drum in the aluminum center bell. An aluminum bell is fine for parking, but in case you like pulling the hand brake from high speeds, then we suggest you get a hydraulic handbrake.
    D2 kits also have caliper handbrake models, and also a new caliper with an electronic hand brake (try "pulling" an EPB in the parking lot )

    The smartest choices for most cars are the 330 and 356mm kits. Based on our experience, a 330 mm kit is the suggestion, as it still fits 17" rims, which in turn means tire options are very wide and practical.

    D2 big brake kits are on sale with a 100€ discount (per kit) until next week's friday. In case you're wondering about what kit to get, or need other help or advice, just contact our sales and we'll be happy to help.
    »» D2 front big brake kits
    »» D2 rear big brake kits

    We're closed on friday

    Yes, we're just simple Finnish guys as well, so we're going to celebrate midsummer eve just like the rest of Finland. We'll be back in business on moday "well rested"

    Have a good weekend & midsummer party! Race.Fi / Wille

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    Weekie: PLX, Vems and Innovate widebands -10 €

    Our widebands are now on -10 € discount for one week!

    We have three wideband brands in our range - Innovate, Vems and PLX. These three sell high quality widebands for engines. A wideband is also a very cheap insurance for you engine.

    The Vems wideband is a great and cheap choice when you alsoneed an EGT sensor. Innovate is a great choice when you just want a wideband with a traditional and fine look. The innovate DLG-1 is the dual wideband version which supports two sensors on one gauge.
    Finally, the PLX is the state of the art kit with a modern touch screen and the ability to add extra sensors like boost and egt.

    Widebands in our webshop:
    »» Vems widebands
    »» PLX DM6 wideband
    »» Innovate MTX-L wideband
    »» Innovate DLG-1 dual wideband


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    Weekie: Magnaflow 2.5" and 3" catalysts -10%

    Let's put Magnaflows most popular catalyzers in our weekly offer -10%!

    Magnaflow free flowing catalysts are for all serious exhaust upgrades. We recently got a nice pile of Magnaflow 2.5" and 3" catalysts in our stock because these are the most popular models in our range.

    This racing catalyzer will pass emission measurements easily. You can also find everything you need to mount these, for example exhaust flanges, V-band clamps, U-bolt clamps and exhaust gaskets.

    Catalyzers and other exhaust parts in our webshop:
    »» Magnaflow catalyst
    »» Exhaust flanges
    »» V-Band clamps
    »» U-bolt clamps
    »» Exhaust gaskets


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