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Tråd: Race.Fi from Finland introducing

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    Weekend offer: Eibach springs & suspension kits -10 %
    This summer weekends offer are the Eibach springs and suspension kits! Each set ordered on the weekends batch gets an extra -10 % off.

    Great suspensions on offer this weekend! Eibach Pro-Kit and Sportline springs, as well as the Bilstein B8-equipped B12 Pro-Kit and B12 Sportline -kits get an extra -10 % off this weekend.

    The Pro-Kit range offers mild lowerings from 30 to 25mm. The drop is pretty close to factory oe kits like the BMW M-sport or Audi S-line. Great for looks and driveability without sacrificing too much. The Sportline range offers bigger drops in the 40 to 50 mm range.

    Eibach gets consistent good feedback with basically zero bad feedback. We have the B12 kits on our own cars as well - that's how much we like these =)

    You'll find the kits here:
    »» Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs
    »» Eibach Sportline lowering springs
    »» Eibach B12 Pro-Kit suspension kits
    »» Eibach B12 Sportline suspension kits

    If you're looking for an adjustable kit, the D2 coilovers are the choice for you. These come with a true coilover design, damping adjustment, separate preload adjustment and camber topmounts on McPherson models. Oh, and they get a ton of good feedback as well
    »» D2 coilover suspension kits

    Btw; we ship orders over 400 € free of charge to most european countries!

    Have a great weekend!
    Race.Fi / Willem

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    Weekie: K&N air filters -10%

    K&N air filters with million mile warranty! K&N ensures that the engine gets enough air and is one of the most popular upgrades for any car.

    K&N makes high quality panel and cone filters mainly for cars but there are filters for motorcycles also - you can get the discount from these as well! K&N air filter are washable and can be re- oiled. Installation is easy - old out, new in. With K&N air filter, the air resistance is much lower, so the engine doesn't need much effort to suck air and that means better fuel economy and higher power.

    We have many K&N filters in stock, speacially 3" and 4" cone filters which are the most populare ones and few replacement filters as well. There are also K&N intake kits available, which perform even better thanks to a complete new intake pipeing. Intake kits has places for all original sensors so it does not need any big modifications when installing. We order more K&N air filters weekly and in most cases delivery time is less that one week.

    K&N filters in our webshop:
    »» Race: K&N air filters
    »» Race: K&N cone filters
    »» Race: K&N intake kits
    »» Race: K&N recharger kit

    Have a nice weekend!

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    Weekend offer: Davies Craig water pumps -15%

    Lets put the Davies Craig water pumps in -15% discount for this weekend. Eletric water pump ensures that the cooling is sufficient and of course its also possible to replace the old water pump.

    With Davies Craig eletric water pump you can get more trust in the cooling system, its possible to use it with the original pump or use only the electric pump. There is pumps available between 15-150l/min, smallest ones are with plastic body and biggest models with more durable aluminium body which will handle lots of power if needed, for example in race car.

    You can get water pumps separately or set, which includes the controller. With controller its possible to adjust water flow and even a fan if needed, for example you can adjust the pump to stay on for a certain time after the engine has been switched off. Most common pumps we keep always in stock and we order more even twice a week.

    Davies Craig water pumps in our webshop:
    »» Davies Craig eletric water pumps

    Have a great weekend!

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    Weekie: Mishimoto radiators -10%

    We just put the Mishimoto radiators in -10% discount in our weekly offer. The Mishimoto cooler increases cooling performance and guarantees perfect operation even in the toughest conditions.

    Mishimoto radiators
    Mishimoto radiator is a model specific and high quality product which will replace the old original radiator. Mishimoto is more effective than original and excellent choice for any car which needs more cooling power with a great price - no more cooling problems. Mishimoto radiators has a bigger water capacity and engine temperature stays low even in the summer on traffic lights. If there is no suitable model specific radiator available, we have attached a pdf from all Mishimoto radiators. Most popular Mishimoto models we keep in our stock.
    »» Race: Mishimoto radiators

    Mishimoto coolers
    Mishimoto cooler makes sure that the supercharged air is cool enough and the more cooler the air is the more it can be charged to the engine. Mishimoto cooler cools better exchange and flowing intercooler significantly improve the performance of the engine. With Mishimoto cooler the flow resistance is smaller and the turbo or supercharger thong produced by the hot charge air cools more efficiently than the original cooler. You can find the Mishimoto coolers with dimensions so they will fit almost for any car. Most popular ones we keep in stock ready to ship.
    »» Race: Mishimoto coolers

    Mishimoto fans
    Mishimoto electric fan is a compact way to ensure radiator cooling. Mishimoto high-volume fans are both compact and come with an unmatched flow rate. For example there is 8, 10, 12 and 16" models available. Eletrcic fan is also a great choice to use with the original fan to give a additional cooling power. Most popular ones are in stock and yesterday we ordered more fans to fill the Mishimoto shelf.
    »» Race: Mishimoto fans

    Have a nice weekend! / Riku

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    Weekend offer: STRI gauges -15%

    We just put the high quality and very precise STRI gauges in -15% discount. We keep the most popular STRI gauges in stock.

    STRI makes one of the best gauges in the market for sure! Stri DSD series has a fast and precise servo which will guarantee a precise reading even in harsh conditions. STRI DSD series is very popular in track as it runs perfectly and always shows precise numbers.

    STRI gauges are very quiet, almost mute - automatic calibration on every start make sure that you can always get right numbers. Stri gauges are available in different backgroung and led colours or with smoke or clear lens. STRI stock focus turned to the 52mm club sport models with a black dial and clear lens as they are the most popular ones. Other STRI gauges we can get under a week from Europe stock.

    Check Stri gauges in our webshop:
    »» Race: Stri gauges

    Have a great weekend!

    This post in our site

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    Weekend offer: RVS products -20%

    For the start of this weekend RVS products were put in big discount. RVS is now -20% discount only in this weekend.

    RVS is a proven nanotechnology that allows sliding and extremely durable triboceramic surface in parts of engines and transmissions. Engines or transmissions condition improves right away and it is also protected from future wear. The RVS treatment will last 100,000km, so the price does not end up too bad, especially when the prices have now been dropped this much.

    RVS treatments can be found for all applications such as engines, transmissions, injection pumps and powersteering. Over the years, RVS has sell a lot and beginning of this week we got more stuff in our shelfs. We keep the most sellest RVS products always in stock.

    RVS in our webshop with 20% discount:
    »» RVS treatments

    Have a great weekend!

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    Weekie: Autoglym products -10%

    Lets put the Autoglym products -10% discount. Autoglym makes high quality car care products like prewash and Polar blast foam for any use.

    We added a nice amount of Autoglym car care products in our webshop a while ago. Now we have a wide range of Autoglym products in our webshop and stock for any washing need like motor cleaner, interior shampoo, polar blast snow foam and other nice cleaning products. Autoglym has products for every step, for example after washing there is a wide range of different waxes available. We also did cleaning packages for interior, wheels, leather etc which contains everything you need.

    Polar Blast snow foam for Foam Lance is one of the Autoglyms new products. With Polar Blast prewash is actually a nice job and when it is in the form of foam it can be effected properly and thats how avoid scratching when washing mechanically. To apply the foam, we have foam lance which makes it easy and fast to use. Most popular Autoglym products can be found directly from our own stock and we order more when needed, even every day.

    Autoglyms in our webshop at reduced prices:
    »» Autoglym car care products

    Have a great weekend!
    Sist endret av Race.Fi; 7th September 2018 kl 11:58

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    Weekie: Kaaz differentials -10%

    We have sell lots of Kaaz differentials during this summer and starting autumn as the weather is also looking quite nice. Let's put the Kaaz differentials in -10% discount in our weekly offer.

    Kaaz makes high quality differentials for many race/street cars. There is lots of differentials for popular Japan and German car like Nissan and Volkswagen. Kaaz differentials are available with three different ramp angles - 1, 1.5 and 2 way. Kaaz differential is also fully serviceable and you can get all service spareparts quickly from us like friction discs, springs and differential oils.

    Kaaz differentials are very popular especially in drifting, rally and time-attack, thats makes Kaaz manly a race differential, but of course it can be used also in street race car which is not a daily driver - it makes a little sound in parking lot but otherwise it works like a charm! Delivery time in Kaaz is usually under a week and for spare parts even a couple of days. Kaaz differentials are also always supplied with the Kaaz oils, which guarantees always the best possible operation in challenging race conditions.

    Kaaz differential in our webshop:
    »» Race: Kaaz differentials

    Have a great weekend!

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    Weekie: Amsoil products -10%

    From Amsoil oil and additive selections you will find just the product that goes for your car. Let's put the Amsoil -10% discount in our weekly offer. Most common Amsoil products are in stock.

    Amsoil is an oil and additive manufacturer founded in 1972 with more than 40 years of experience. There are many different additives and oils for every purpose from a car to a lawn mower. Oils and additives are made from high quality materials and they always guarantee the best performance regardless of the circumstances.

    Amsoil additive range covers largely the same type of products as the Red Line, but for example in Amsoil Diesel additive has a useful Cold Flow feature, what Red Line does not have. Cold Flow prevents freezing and the formation of wax crystals what is typical in Diesel engines and lowers friction temperature of up to 15 degrees. The most popular additives and oils will always be found directly from stock.

    Amsoil in our webshop:
    »» Race: Amsoil oils ja additives


    This post in our site

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    Weekie: Black Diamond brakes -10%

    More braking power with Black Diamond! Brakes are good choice for street or a race car. Most popular brake parts are in stock.

    Black Diamond has a great track record both on the streets and competition on both tarmac and dirt. Black Diamond brake discs are available in three model, grooved, drilled or with both.

    Brake pads have a great grip and low dust level, they can also handle a big amount of heat. With discs and pads we recommend a braided brake hose kit, which is a great final update. Braided hoses make braking more accurate when the balloon-like effects are reduced from the brake pedal. With discs, pads and hoses the Black Diamond brake fluid is our recommendation so the brakes will run perfectly. We keep the most popular items in stock like brake fluids, best seller pads/discs/hoses.

    Check the Black Diamond brakes from our webshop, prices includes -10% discount:
    »» Black Diamond brake discs
    »» Black Diamond brake pads
    »» Black Diamond brake hoses
    »» Black Diamond clutch hoses
    »» Black Diamond DOT4 brake fluid

    Have a great weekend!

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    Weekly offer: Sachs SRE -10%
    One of the most popular clutches with high torque ratings available for discounted price for a week.

    Sachs SRE clutch and clutchparts on discounted price for next week. Application list has clutches with good torque ratings, basically for every car.
    Clutches available with sintered or organic discs, and all parts are available separately.

    Catalog and products with prices can be found in webshop:
    - Sachs SRE clutches

    Most popular "Do-it-yourself" pressure plates with good torque ratings, for example 765 and 763 pressure plates can be found here:
    - Sachs SRE 763, 765, 707, 645 ja 785 pressure plates

    Have a great weekend!
    - / Ari

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    Weekie: Free oils with all Quaife differentials

    For the next week, all Quaife differentials comes with free Red Line differential oils. Quaife is a differential where practicality and comfort fits in same sentence, especially for the changing weather conditions in Finland.

    Quaife fits perfectlty and replaces the original differential easily with out problems. In welded models after the welding job you mount the Quaife simply with bolts. Quaife diffs are designed and manufactured in UK, where the professionalism of cars is at very high level. Every single unit is tested before selling that the minimum quality is always the best.

    For coming winter, Quaife is great for any weather whether its snowing or raining. We keep the most common diffs always in stock and we order more when needed. Most popular differentials are for mainly for German cars, but we also sell lots of other models for European and Japanese cars. In the coming week, all Quaife differentials are delivered with free differential oils. When ordering the Quaife, it is best to toss the registration number in the order or directly the oil volume and the needed viscosity.

    Quaife differentials in webshop:
    »» Quaife differentials

    Have a great weekend!

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    Weekie: D2 big brake kits -100 €

    Lets put the D2 bid brake kits in fair 100 € discount for a next week. Big brake kits are model specific and bolt-on parts which ensures extremely powerful brakes.

    More braking power with D2 big brakes! Big brakes are excellent update for street or race car, it's bolt-on and is delivered with any parts what you need for installation. There is two different types available, Street and Sport, of course with different disc sizes. Biggest difference in Sport and Street is the caliper size which is a slight smaller in Street kits. Street kits comes with dust covers and sport kits without dust covers.

    Brake discs are available in 286, 304, 330, 356, 380, 400, 421 and 444mm sizes - so there is a correct one for any use and purpose. For brake pads you can use a D2 own brake pads or Ferodo pads which we can have with very fast delivery and some Ferodo/D2 pads you can find directly from our stock. There also handbrake available for most brake kits wherter its cable or electric one.

    Big brake kits in our webshop with discount:
    »» Race: D2 Big Brake kits

    Have a great weekend!

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    Castrol and Red Line price drop

    We checked Red Line and Castrol oil and additive pricing, the result was that now the prices are more better than yesterday. Bigger order amounts and better shipping prices show directly in customers price.

    Red Line and Castrol prices dropped today, especially stock items are much cheaper in webshop and also in our store. From Castrol, we have took especially motor oils, of course we sell differential and gearbox oils as well, but more less than Red Line. From Red Line we stock and sell mainly only differential/gearbox oils and fuel/engine additives as they sells the most. For example from Red Line we have lots of 75W90NS differential oil and Si-1, 85PLUS and Water Wetter additives. Anyhow, even the Red Line has some items that does not sell that good so we have added them in our outlet list even with -60% discount.

    Castrol and Red Line in webshop:
    »» Red Line and Castrol
    »» Clearance (also Red Line oils)


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    Weekie: D2 air suspension kits -100 €

    Now is a good time to grab the air suspension kit at a cheaper price. The air suspension kits has gentlemanly driving pleasure and comfort. Air suspension kits can be adjusted directly from the run, kits are completely road legal and model specific.

    D2 air suspension is the right choice when elegance, comfort and adjustable height is your thing. You can change the car height while driving and thats very useful when you drive in different conditions. For example its possible to adjust the height lower after a bad road. There is four different D2 air suspension model available: Basic, Deluxe, Gold and Superpro. All the air suspensions are nowdays also very much mot-compatible. Here in Finland you only need wheel alignment report and our D2 approval document.

    Air suspension kits has same shocks as in D2 coilovers, shocks has same 36-step stiffness adjustment. Also spare parts are available widely and its possible to buy air bags, compressor and other spare parts separately.

    D2 air suspension kits in webshop with discounted prices:
    »» D2 air suspension kits


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    Winter comes, Triangle winter tires for any weather

    Triangle winter tires guarantee a safe grip even in bad weather. The Triangle is 100% designed in Finland, so it's excellent choice especially for our changing winter weathers.

    Triangle winter tires with stud or friction design give the best grip and they rock in any weather, rain or shine. Tires has up to 30% higher stud amount, but they do not wear the road surface more than normal winter tires. The studs are mounted with fully automatic machine, guaranteeing excellent grip in curves and straight road.

    The Triangle winter tires were added to our webshop few weeks ago and we have sell them nicely in this fall. The best tire is easy to choose from webshop based on diameter, width, profile and tire type (friction / stud). Almost all Triangle tires are available in Finland warehouse and often they are available for us the next business day. We will be able to deliver the tires directly to the customer at no extra cost in Finland if needed.

    Triangle tires in our webshop:
    »» Triangle winter tires


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    Weekend offer: Black Diamond brakes -15%

    Lets make a offer for the weekend after a long time! Now we recommend to take advantage of this and get the Black Diamond brakes really cheaply in your shopping cart. The offer applies to all BD products, brake discs, pads, hoses and even brake fluid get -15% off.

    Black Diamond has a great track record both on the streets and competition on both tarmac and dirt, they can also be used to replace the OEM brakes. Black Diamond brake discs are available in three model, grooved, drilled or with both. The Brake pads have a great grip and low dust level, they can also handle a big amount of heat. With discs and pads we recommend a braided brake hose kit, which is a great final update. Braided hoses make braking more accurate when the balloon-like effects are reduced from the brake pedal.

    We recommend to use Black Diamonds brake fluid with brake parts so the brakes will run perfectly. Discount in Black Diamond is -15% at least, but we have also wide range of outlet BD parts with up to -40% off. Most common discs, pads, hoses and brake fluid can be found directly from our stock. We order more parts twice a week and even the most special discs arrive in less than a week.

    Check the Black Diamond brakes from our webshop, prices includes discount (up to -40% off):
    »» Black Diamond brake discs
    »» Black Diamond brake pads
    »» Black Diamond clutch hoses
    »» Black Diamond brake hoses
    »» Black Diamond DOT4 brake fluid

    Have a great weekend!

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    K&N air filters also with dimensions!

    Besides model specific panel and cone air filter its possible to look and buy the filters with dimensions. Some of the filters are directly in our stock.

    K&N filters with dimensions! There is wide range of cone, panel and even triangle filters which can be found with dimensions from K&N catalog. Usually the filter will fit many other cars as well where it is listed at the moment. From most sellest filter models like 3 and 4" cone filters we keep always in stock as they are also very practical in use. You can look up the filters directly from K&N page or for example email to us and we will check the availability as well.

    Clever search engine in K&N website (possible to look with dimensions):
    »» K&N filters with dimensions

    K&N filters in our webshop:
    »» K&N cone and panel filters

    Have a great day!

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    Weekie: Widebands -10€

    Lets put widebands in 10 € discount for the next week. Innovate, PLX and VEMS widebands can be found on our stock. Of these, there is a suitable widebands for a basic 4 cylinder or even a bigger V8.

    There are three major brands in the wideband range - PLX, VEMS, and Innovate, it (Innovate) also has excellent wideband for V-engines, which has been a favorite for American engines when two sensors have two values on the same screen. Innovates basic model MTX-L has also gained popularity over the last few years, even as much as it is now one of the most sold wideband - in the summer, we ordered nice amount MTX-L model in our stock.

    If there is wideband in the search for a turbo engine, and it would be nice to keep up to date with the exhaust temperature smartest choise is VEMS. In addition to wideband numbers, the display shows the exhaust temperatures as well which makes it especially efficient for turbo engines. The PLX wideband represents a slightly modern package with a touch screen and it also has been one of the best selling wideband a long time. All widebands are also a cheap insurance for the engine when you see it right away if something is wrong.

    Widebands in webshop with discounted prices:
    »» Widebands


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